Reality is Merely an Illusion

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If you're in control, you're not going fast enough.

Paradis - Hemísphere 

"i come from a place where the people have been living in oppression for longer than I’ve been alive. We’re discriminated against, denied the respect we deserve and our mothers, fathers, and children are slaughtered every day. For decades. The people from where i come have no resources , no food or water most of the time, no economy and no opportunity. The people from where i come from are by the millions , but they are deemed an unworthy minority amongst bully, zionistic governments like the US and ISRAEL, who’ve taught their own people to live in fear and have it mastered so well that these people believe their governments are protecting them. They will continue to be supported by the wealthy, by the real terrorists. My people will continue to die , but - they will continue to fight. Palestinians have no fear from an army , they don’t back down at the site of tanks or weapons. They fight for their freedom, for their land, and for the future of it’s children. I may belong to a group of people deemed the underdog these days, but i would not want to come from anywhere else. I couldn’t be prouder to be a Palestinian woman. Missiles might be above them now but God is above everyone. Whether peace happens in my lifetime or not, it will happen. Palestinians will still be here until they can say Palestine exists again."

- nidaomar